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Noodles and Pork Bun
Noodles and Pork Bun
Euro Plaza Shopping Mall
Euro Plaza Shopping Mall

I made it safely to Beijing. I wandered down to the train station and thought about going somewhere. Instead, I went to the mall that I saw from the station. There I found this noodle place which had servings for one person. It was very good. I was a bit worried for some reason about this 23 hour layover in Beijing. I shouldn’t have. I came to China in 1996, 1999, and 2001. When I see or hear people talking about how difficult it is to get around China, they probably don’t have that context. So far, it has been great.


Tokyo Tower

On Tuesday, I saw the film Dojokko no Uta, starring Ruriko Asaoka and Hideki Takahashi. A key scene is set in Tokyo Tower, which opened a few years before this movie was released. Takahashi’s rich doctor’s son woos Asaoka’s poor, orphan character by taking her, a nursery school teacher, and her kids on a drive to amusement spots in Tokyo, including Tokyo Tower. The movie is not so famous, it seems, so I can’t find anything online about this scene, but I believe I this spot, looking out towards where the Sumida River flows into Tokyo Bay (which you can’t see behind the clouds, buildings, and my poor camera), is where he gave her this small statue of Tokyo Tower he bought for her, which also played a key role throughout the film.
On Wednesday, when I began a short teaching stint in Tokyo, I was surprised to look up to see Tokyo Tower. I took it as a sign I should visit. I think I have been up Tokyo Tower only once or twice, it has been at least 10 years, if not 20, since I last went up it, however.



text from gaijinsan
I found this book, Gaijin-san, at a book cafe I took a rest at earlier today. I love that, even though it is from 1964, the first line is someone from France complaining that Japanese always think foreigners they meet are from the United States.


Bridge between Kanagawa and Yamanashi

This bridge crosses the river that marks the border between Kanagawa prefecture, where I took the photo, and Yamanashi. The Yamanashi side is mostly a collection of houses, many with spectacular gardens. Prefectural road 522 runs up and down the Kanagawa side, so there are a collection of small-scale factories and a closed down convenience store. There is also an elementary school that has been converted to a both an office for Sagamihara’s Midori ward and a local community center.

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I have often had breakfast here these past two and a half years since moving to Sagamihara in 2012. From next week, though, I will be starting two new jobs with different commute times and patterns that I won’t be able to do so in the morning on a regular basis anymore. I decided to add a donut to my… Read more →


My dad has taken to me to the various Original Joe’s around the Bay Area since I was a kid. I was a bit concerned about going to the new Joe’s in North Beach. However, there was no need to be concerned. It was just as good as always. Read more →