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Tokyo Tower

On Tuesday, I saw the film Dojokko no Uta, starring Ruriko Asaoka and Hideki Takahashi. A key scene is set in Tokyo Tower, which opened a few years before this movie was released. Takahashi’s rich doctor’s son woos Asaoka’s poor, orphan character by taking her, a nursery school teacher, and her kids on a drive to amusement spots in Tokyo, including Tokyo Tower. The movie is not so famous, it seems, so I can’t find anything online about this scene, but I believe I this spot, looking out towards where the Sumida River flows into Tokyo Bay (which you can’t see behind the clouds, buildings, and my poor camera), is where he gave her this small statue of Tokyo Tower he bought for her, which also played a key role throughout the film.
On Wednesday, when I began a short teaching stint in Tokyo, I was surprised to look up to see Tokyo Tower. I took it as a sign I should visit. I think I have been up Tokyo Tower only once or twice, it has been at least 10 years, if not 20, since I last went up it, however.


Bridge between Kanagawa and Yamanashi

This bridge crosses the river that marks the border between Kanagawa prefecture, where I took the photo, and Yamanashi. The Yamanashi side is mostly a collection of houses, many with spectacular gardens. Prefectural road 522 runs up and down the Kanagawa side, so there are a collection of small-scale factories and a closed down convenience store. There is also an elementary school that has been converted to a both an office for Sagamihara’s Midori ward and a local community center.

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Radio Show

When I was at San Mateo High School and the College of San Mateo, I spent many Saturdays listening to Sedge Thompson on West Coast Weekend and West Coast Live. I even went a few times with my dad to see the radio show produced in person at Fort Mason. To be honest, I haven’t listened much since leaving the… Read more →


The Outside
The Outside
The Inside
The Inside

I always love going to The Castro. Cool films in a real movie theater palace. This time I saw Inherent Vice. Movie had its good and bad points but I was happy to have seen it on film here.



I’ve taken to having my Amazon orders delivered to my convenience store in Tsukui. It is just more, um, convenient to pick it up when I want rather than wait for the driver to come and drop it off. Convenience stores in the United States are not nearly as convenient as those in Japan. And shoe stores in the United States do not regularly stock my shoe size. I ordered the shoes I wanted and went to the local Amazon locker to pick them up.



Saw Shoah at the Image Forum. Came at about 10:30 am and there was a long line (for an art theater) outside. There were still a few rows empty in the front of the theater, though.

I thought I would watch parts one and two today and then part three and four tomorrow. Now, though, I think I’ll wait a week to watch the second part.