one benefit of taking short term teaching positions is seeing parts if tokyo i’d never see otherwise. had a quick bath after teaching today.


Saw Tora-san 30 and Osaka Story at the Shinbungeiza today. I finally saw enough movies there to get a free movie ticket! Tora-san is always great, though 30 is just okay, I think. The first night I ever spent in Japan was in Osaka in 1995. Watching Osaka Story, which was released in 1999, had me feeling how long ago that was. I enjoyed it though.


a college friend brought me some o-miyage from Singapore.

looking forward to enjoying some maggi mee — though a bit concerned about the “improved recipe” — and using my new Tang’s shopping bag on the town somehow.

best souvenir though was being able to meet an old friend in person for the first time in 20 odd years and yet talking for hours as if no time had passed at all.