My dad has taken to me to the various Original Joe’s around the Bay Area since I was a kid. I was a bit concerned about going to the new Joe’s in North Beach. However, there was no need to be concerned. It was just as good as always.

Radio Show

When I was at San Mateo High School and the College of San Mateo, I spent many Saturdays listening to Sedge Thompson on West Coast Weekend and West Coast Live. I even went a few times with my dad to see the radio show produced in person at Fort Mason. To be honest, I haven’t listened much since leaving the Bay Area. Even so, I decided to check to see if it would be live this week and it was.

Sedge Thompson, however, was in London. He still called in, so that wasn’t too different than how I usually have heard him over the years. His son conducted an interview with Daniel Handler. I vaguely know he is an immensely popular author but that is pretty much all I know about him. His interview was hilarious, however, and the book is about San Francisco and Pirates and his interview referenced Muni Passes, Errol Flynn, and Rafael Sabatini, so I was in.

When I saw him signing books, I felt a tinge of excitement. But, when I got up to him, I realized I had nothing to say to him. So I passed him my book and he asked my name and then he signed it. And that was that.

You can listen to this show, which also included the musical stylings of Nell Robinson and Ramblin’ Jack Elliot and Dr. Irvin Yalom discussing his experiences in and lessons from psychiatry. until April 3d or 4th at the West Coast Live website here